Dragonheart [PVP Heroes Factions ]


Dragonheart RPG Minecraft Hardcore PVP Server is a Hub Server that is mainly PVP & RPG. The server is set up like this: There are 2 factions: Good & Evil. The times are barron and the holy war has been going on for millenia. Will you help? What side will you choose? Will you ride with village pillaging/raping mongruls: Orcs? Will you choose a destitute path and be a Human and wage war on the unholyness? Or will you be neutral, fish, and get fucked. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!!

Factions cost 1Billion Gold.
We have a chestshop plugin where you can make your own shops in the designated market to earn an extra income!
Our server is completely player based economy.
Every weekend we host a bazaar that will feature uber expensive items for sale.
Once you join a side you can only leave one way. Blood in blood out.
Plugins: Factions/mcMMO/Heroes based server with 7 Classes, 2 Races, Magic Spells, PVP Points & Gold. Anything goes! Gather your resources and levels (20 To PVP) and raid the opposing faction through the Nether!
PVP With over 7 balanced Heroes and 300 skills! Were the biggest Cracked Heroes server ever!
We are a community driven server. If a majirty wants to do something than majirty rools.
Rank your your faction and go and destroy others. This server is fantasy RPG meaning you have to roleplay. Use the appropriate channels. Use the out of character channel to talk about anything, but keep the main channels mainly rpg-e. Even the admins PVP. There is no spawning of items. Mods admins, Head-Mods and Head-Admins can not spawn items either. We try to make the game fair for everyone. Dragonheart Commerce has iConomy, meaning that players can trade, buy, and sell items with each other. And finally, We are Cracked. This means that anyone can play. We are just starting back up again and are expanding quickly.

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