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SkyCraft aims to offer unique features and fun gameplay to players who are looking to play on a Towny survival server. There are much more features that what is described below but the soul intention is to showcase some of our features players would be attracted to. We are a server that was released on June 20th 2020 for open beta.

Server IP:
Version: 1.15.2-1.16.1

Item Based Rankup System:
● Players will rankup in-game through using mob drop items such as rotten flesh, bones, mob heads that we have customized on our server. All ranks are free of charge and we guarantee a F2P environment for members part of our community.

Progressive Quest System:
● ALL quests can be repeated and they are all progressive, meaning the more times a player completes the quest the higher the rewards will be!
● We offer different tiers of quests that challenges players to complete and achieve for valuable rewards.

Custom Spawn Cave:
● Players head to this place to look for a challenge, the mobs inside are very strong but all ores will regenerate after a certain amount of time. People go here to look for diamonds and other resources to mine, and you can also gain bonuses mining here compared to ores in the Wilderness.

mcMMO Overhaul:
● MCMMO is a fun feature that offers a list of new skills for players to use. It is essentially a RPG level up system that as players do tasks in-game the part of the skills will be leveled up. Offering perks such as chances to double the amount of ores when mining and much more!

Item Based Currency System:
● We offer a couple different currencies in our server. The most notable one is Gem Stones. Players use this to sell and buy items related to the NPC shops located at our spawn. You can also use this to trade with other players when purchasing items from shops.

Towny Grief Protection:
● Towny is a grief prevention feature, you can start your own town and invite players to join you, create wonderful memeories together and lend a helping hand to newer players. Alternatively you can be more than just a town, players can create nations and alliances with other towns in-game.

EXP and Enchantment System:
● Players will use their EXP and other custom currencies to purchase vanilla enchantment books and custom enchantment books.
● Enchantment table is disabled due to this because we decide to take a different approach in how we want people to obtain enchantments.
● Anvils are also disabled in our server because we believe that it is not challenging or fun to have players to craft the highest tier of equipment and repair it indefinitely. We want players to make use of each enchanted tool to it's full potential.

Custom World Generation:
● We have custom world generation that creates beautiful concaves and mountains that looks as if it was professionally made by players. Most players can enjoy this feature and appreciate the art of this world gen when finding a beautiful place to live nearby or make a base in.

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  • 1.16 Version
  • 100% Uptime
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