AmbitionCraft Survival [Vanilla]

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Hey, server has been up for 6 months - Heres our latest progress vid - Our aim is a connected highly technical world with epic decorations & builds. We make perimeters for almost all of our farms, or use the end gateways. We use carpet (Monitoring tool) for lag reasons & loading AI accounts instead of alt accounts. We are looking for crazy & ambitious decorators and technical players. We're fans of TIS/Prototech/Scicraft servers, but like decorating just as much as the tech side. We are still growing the community, only 7 active players currently. We share our storage, so their is no real reason for bases, or shops. Our decisions/rules are decided by everyone active & their is no ranks/owners/patrons bias, stackable shulkers and single player sleep is enabled. We also dupe Shells & Elytra as they are not renewable, (raided every end city within 10k blocks and world file size gets HUGE). We have currently built witherskele, Double guardian, Quadwitch farm, but haven't finished tweaking/decorating. If you're interested in challenging huge projects, learning tech stuff or just want to grind, the server may suite you. We are looking for people with ambition & obsession with minecraft! (Version 1.15.2) If you think this suites you feel free to apply in this discord: Thank you very much for reading.

Add me on discord 58#1906 if problems applying

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