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Welcome to Spycraft - a server with a long history which is once again opening it's doors to the world.

Custom Plugins
Custom Enchantments
Crate/Key system (think CS:GO crates but within minecraft)
NPC Trading
Revolutionary PvP arena
New Obsidian/Bedrock mechanics
Custom plugins and enchantments make sure that this server is different from the others. Your weapons can reach a whole new level of destruction through powerful enchantments, such as rage and obliterate.

Test your luck in winning amazing prizes in the 4 different tiers of crates - Ancient, Necrotic, Enchanted and Mythical. Items such as bedrock, powerful weapons and pure cash is up for grabs to help you dominate the field.

Trade with NPCs in spawn for items and experience - no more getting stuck with pointless or filler items.

A stunning PvP arena with vertical play - leap between platforms without falling to your death while fighting opponents.

Obsidian can be destroyed with 6 TNT blasts, and Bedrock can be destroyed with 12. This opens up new opportunities to make near-indestructible bases and it leads to more intense, tactical raids as new strategies must be employed.

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