Survival Lands



Survival Lands is a Serbo-Romanian Server opened for Players of All Nationalities who want a Truly Authentic Balkanic Survival Experience

● Server Hub and Public Chatting in English
● Best Anti-Hack on the Market to let you live out your Survival Adventure in Peace
● Discord Integration with Moderators and Administrators at your disposal 24/7 fluent in English, Romanian and Serbian
● Factions Based Land Claiming
● Houses to Protect your Stuff if you don't like Factions Based Land Claiming
● Deposits for the Cheapest and Securest way to Protect your Stuff
● Cheap Hotel Rooms for you till you build your house
● Alcohol you can buy at our Tavern or create to party with your friends
● Ranks and Commands you can achieve based on your Play Time
● The ability to Teleport to a Random Location if you want Not To Be Bothered
● Drop Heads if you like being given heads ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
● Jobs to Earn a Living
● Force Survival
● No Phantoms
● Custom Skins
● Admin Shops Not Selling Buffs
● Market Stalls For Player Shops
● Survival Items Based Currency with Value Based on Rarity
● Cancel Others' Sleep if You Need Night
● Straight To The Point Guidance
● Fast Travel to Main Buildings

If you don't find something on this list it may be either considered essential to be specified or we don't have it yet. Please join our Discord Group and leave your Suggestions in the Server Suggestions Channel as these are Added Every Day and the Server is New

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  • 3/60 Players
  • 1.15.2 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 1 hour Last Ping
  • 4 Votes

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