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Survival Rocks is a 1.15.2 semi-vanilla anti-grief survival Minecraft server with a personal community, an economy, teleporting and land claiming. Bee nests are present all over the map! We focus on having a solid and stable survival core, with smooth working of plugins, mostly made by us.

On first join you get randomly teleported, where you can start building right away! The server is mainly PvE, but you can enable PvP if you're into that with /pvp (both players need it enabled). Griefing is not allowed. To prevent griefing, you can claim land (/claim).

We do have /sethome (3), /tpa, /warps, /back (100 coins after death) and /wild (of course). Keep inventory is OFF. It's only enabled during your first hour (so you can settle). Mob griefing is mostly on, only not for Creeper explosions: Creepers will trim grass.

Our server has an economy: ChestShop, AuctionHouse and Coins are installed. You can find all shops on the website. The economy exists out of integer coins, which you can get by: killing mobs, joining daily, trading (/trade), voting, trading stocks and creating your own shop. There is a server shop at /shop, but players also have cheaper shops at /warps. You can set a warp to your shop with /setwarp for 2,000 coins.

All player shops with sortable items are listed on our website!

This server has experience from all going back to 2012, but recently went public!

Specifications: 16GB RAM, 4.4GHz, SSD, fully dedicated.

We do our best to make custom things too. Some addons we have:
Automatic Tree Cutdowns (for small trees),
SilkSpawners (20% chance drop with Silk Touch),
Spleef (ancient minigame, destroy blocks below players),
HealthBar (remaining health of mobs above their head),
Warps (by players; with sorting and rate system),
Trades (request a player to inventory-wise trade with you),
Scoreboard (small and basic; with your statistics),
Marriage (marry to someone which allows direct teleport),
Login Rewards (get coins for joining the server daily),
Chairs (sit down on slabs, stairs and carpets).
And many more small addons, mostly made by us!

Things we will never add:
mcMMO, automated broadcasts, Slimefun, giving out non-obtainable items, Factions, MobStack, ClearLag

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