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With the combination of Battlefield and Titanfall, you are able to double jump and call in your Titan. The titan has a 40mm Cannon and a Rocket Salvo. Most of the guns are based off of Battlefield with ARs, PDWs, Shotguns, DMRs, Carbines, Snipers, LMGs, and Pistols. The server offers to modes KitPvP and Warfare. KitPvP has pre-selected classes and is a free-for-all all with Gun! Most classes have the ability to call in their titan from the field every few minutes. This gamemode also allows for 1v1s just do /duel playername The second gamemode we offer is Warfare. It has many gamemodes such as CTF, Domination, GunGame, Kill Confirmed, TDM, FFA, Infect, and more! You can customize your loadout and you unlock guns as you progress. Gamemodes will run 24/7. The server features one rank, TITAN rank which gives access to more kits and a more vibrant chat appearance and more! Come join the fun!!

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