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Boxcraft Reborn

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**Who are we?**

Boxcraft Reborn is the rebirth of the original Boxcraft server the server in a box created by Kyle (Vertanzil) over 4 years ago.

The current owner of Boxcraft Reborn is DJ_Dan16 who has taken on the original project along with the previous owner and it has been in development for just over a few months.

We have come back bigger and better than ever and ready now for new players to join.

Our server is a 40 slot dedicated system that is currently running 24/7; we run various plugins to suit each players gaming preference.


We maintain a friendly and outgoing atmosphere with all players and staff on the server, however we do have a few basic rules that we expect all members and staff to follow.

You can find a full list of our server’s rules when connected to the server by using /rules.

**What do we offer?**

We offer our community a variety of activities and various mini games that you can take part in - please see below.


For our Creative part of the server, we have a Plot world with each plot being 128x128 so there is plenty of room for anything you would like to build. If you have an idea in mind that is bigger than the given plot size, please ask a staff member to merge 2 plots together.

**Non PvP Survival**

Enjoy Survival but not wanting to worry about being attacked by other players? Join our Survival world part of the server where you can do everything you want in survival, and not have to worry about player conflicts.

**PvP Faction Survival**

Normal Survival not challenging enough? You can join our Faction PvP Survival world where you and a group of players or friends can team up, create bases, and take down other factions within the server. This is a popular feature on the server that gives you that sense of danger while doing Survival.

Mini games - *FUTURE UPDATE*

In the future we do plan to add in a Minigames world that we plan to call "Arcade" where you can play various of different games within Minecraft.


Prison is a project that will be worked on in a future update of the server.


We are a brand new Minecraft Server so because that our ranking system does still need some work and will be done in another future update.

The current ranks we have are
Newbies - Default rank.
Member - Achieved after becoming a fully registered user on our server website.
Regular - Achieved after voting for the server every day thus gathering 320 points and exchanging the points for the rank in our Donation Shop.
Donator - If you are feeling generious to the server, you can donate $5 and earn yourself this rank.
PluginDev - Good with plugins? Help develop our server plugins and earn this rank.
Moderator - After accepted through our Moderation Application process. (Must be a registered user to the server and apply.)
Administrator - After accepted through our Administration Application process. (Must be a registered user to the server and apply.)
Overseer - Be god like and trust worthy enough to help run the server network.
Owner - Not possible to achieve.

Our rank system runs off PermissionsEX and getting ranks are part of the Enjin Automatic system.


If you would like to help grow the server then please visit the voting links which can be either found on our website or in game (use /vote), this will help us go up in the rankings and expand our player base.

You will get 5 points for every vote you submit.

Our current worlds:
Non PvP Survival

* In order to build in creative, you will need to claim a plot of land. Simply type /plot auto

Where can you find us?

You can find our contact details below, but again should you have any problems then please feel free to leave a message or get in contact with one of our members of staff and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Server: or
Email: [email protected]

Thank you.

Boxcraft Reborn

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