EmpireMc is a unique Geopolitical Minecraft, with an immersive roleplay experience focused on realistic trade, travel and war.

Create your own town and nation, the baby steps of your soon empire. Invite people and create more towns to protect your claims.

Been invaded? Throw a revolution with Flintlock weapons of the age of Empires, or slice and dice with the 1.8 pvp we all know and love.

Being threatened abroad? Take to the seas with our realistic movecraft plugin. Build a Ship and set sail. Bombard the enemy with the wrath of your cannons. And prepare to board and take the enemy's Frigate as a trophy.

Interested in PVP? Enjoy playing terrorist? Then become a bounty hunter. When your rich and lazy clients need someone to kill, take him out and collect your deserved reward.

Create rigid Alliances or a vicious enemy, be a trade nation or a world super power, A creator or destroyer your choice.

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  • 1.15.2 Version
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