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Come join Astaria! Astaria is one of Minecraft’s premier build servers having been started over 4 years ago under the name Persian World. On the server, we have numerous cities to explore and help with as you progress, ranging from our take on New York, Washington DC and others. Other than cities, we also have many small towns like Arcadia Bay, Winchester, and Pinewood Springs set in a more rural area. This server is also home of one of Minecraft's best airports, based loosely on JFK International, situated next to NSP’s sprawling docklands, built by ProdigyzMined, featuring cruise ships by some of Minecraft's best shipbuilders.

Our server offers a relaxed building environment to explore that is organized and protected by our staff team of many devoted and kind people. The main map on our server, entitled ‘Astaria’ is vast and very detailed. The original map dates back to Minecraft Alpha and was built by former president, ThePersian. Now, the server is being run by President Blibbob and Vice President Vohon.

Be sure to visit some of our attractions, such as:
The White House
The National Mall
The Empire State Building
Madison Square Garden
The Airport
NSP Harbor
Rockefeller Center
Verrazano Narrows Bridge
And More!

Explore our massive, realistic server or build a small house in the plotworld. Our staff will make sure that your stay in Astaria will be the best that it can be!

Come help us build! We have a lot of things under construction, and are always looking for new builders!

Apply on our website for builder!

How to apply:

1. Go to the website

2. Click “Login or Register” and make an account.

3. After you’ve logged in, click the “Application” tab, and fill out the form.

4. Wait for staff to review your application!

Please note, you won’t be able to build on plotworld until you apply!

Check out our dynmap:

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