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HI! o/

I have a 1.16 world that just opened up recently and figured it was a good opportunity to meet some more friendly faces.

Everyone I've met so far has grown into a community where we voice chat often and participate in other activities; in addition to the 1.16 server, we have game nights every Sunday, and a dedicated server for Terraria.

Our Minecraft server is a casual, mostly Vanilla survival server where everyone can hang out, build, and play together. Treasure hunts are hosted every so often for unique items from our custom plugin. I also make dungeons and parkour courses for people to compete in as well. We're aiming to have a focus on community and economy!

If you're interested, we would love to have you!


1.16.1 / Hard Difficulty / SMP
World Creation Date: June 26th


No PvP, griefing, stealing outside of jokes
Respect the safe word for pranks: Cucumber

If you're interested, check out the Discord!

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