Welcome to CUrrUpt. This is a custom skripted, jam packed minigame, and full game mode servers, we have 4 gamemodes out right now and those are Clicker/PVP, a grinding type game where you click to earn money then upgrade your clickers to make even more money, then spend your money on some gear and head deep into PVP zones. Then we have Quarry, a prison inspired game where you mine and collect various materials and use them to upgrade your pickaxe at the shopkeepers. Then we have a huge custom gamemode inspired but the modpack StoneBlock, custom recipes galore, If you've played it you know how this goes, nothing but stone and you work together or against players while you hide your bases from raiders, stay vigilant in this all out war gamemode! Then of course our newest gamemode and a staple of Minecraft itself KIT PVP, have an all out battle with up to 200 players at once! Get ready, this server has it all and it's not even getting started yet.

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  • 1.15.2 Version
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