Darkness Ascended

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Tags: PvP Skyblock Survival

  Welcome everyone to Darkness Ascended! The skyblock where you choose light or dark! In a world once ruled by the powerful enderman, one group rose up to fight back.That group was called the Resistance.The Resistance born of light swore to take down the enderman and his darkness. The most powerful enderman grew angry and ripped the spawn town from the ground and in the progress shattered the world into fragments floating in space. Those loyal to the endeman take to the skys to rebuild in the endermans name, the Resistance built for the glory of the light. An ever changing battle of light and dark, what side will you choose?

  Darkness Ascended is currently on 1.15.1 We are a custom skyblock server with lots of plugins to create the best playing experience. Plugins including but not limited to Epic Hoppers, Epic Spawners, Ultimate fishing, ultimate stacker, more vaults plus, shops plus,Insane shops,citizens, and much more. As is normal with skyblock you can grind away at your ore generator to gain your money and blocks. If that's not your thing you can gain money by being a fishing master catching and selling your fish to ole Milo Finn down at the docks. Maybe you are more of a combat type player and want to gain your fortunes through PVP or tackling the Meteor events? Whatever way you choose there is an adventure awaiting you on Darkness Ascended! So come on and join the fun, meet some new friends or bring your friends along.

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