AstraL is a brand new server specializing in Minecraft Survival and PvP gameplay.

Economy - Shop - Jobs - Pets - Quests - Etc.

Our main goal is to offer our players the best features with an excellent support and service to guarentee you an experience you won't forget! We are mainly innovating by our creativity and by putting things together that we never have done before. Every details count and that's why we think it is important to have a community we can trust and get inspiration of. Take note that we are currently considering making a bilingual server in the best way possible, which would include French and English in our main AstraL server.

|| Survival - We didn't redo Minecraft with tons of addons and weird plugins, we mostly stayed the old fashion way with only few modifications for players to be more entertained.
|| PvP - On the survival maps, pvp is diseable by default but you can turn it on as you wish. Players can only fight when they both as pvp on. We also did a dedicated PVP Map for you to prove your strength!
|| Economy - Player-driven economy with only a few items sold by the server!
|| Shops - Create your shop, sell your items and trade with other players!
|| GriefPrevention System - Protect your land from griefers very easily!
|| Companions - Never alone again, your companion will help you survive in this tough world with is unique abilities!
|| Community - We are focusing on creating a very strong and mature community. We are strict on rules and we like to have a respectful chat!

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