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It was Established by 2020, Eggibled was service based in Philippines. We encourage our Players in the Philippines to join our Server, not in just Philippines, we also like to invite Asean Countries to join our Server without Toxic Players and Those who are using 3rd Party Apps to play in this Server. We hope that we meet your expectation about in the Server and Provide you a necessary needs.

OP-Faction (faction) in Eggibled is a towny-like survival experience, featuring more community involvement as a whole. Peaceful it might seem to be... But with faction mechanisms partially integrate into this survival classics, it features some additions of competitive elements: yes destruction, tnt explosions, some fighting and wars. Basically, you would need to survive with others, and that requires a good team work. Join any existing factions, either small towns, or big cities and make some new friends right away.

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