OmniWorldMC Vanilla Survival, No PVP

Minecraft Server


OmniWorldMC is a quiet building community. We play in hardmode survival. This means monsters are prolific and you can starve to death. We have very little in the way of teleports, with true porting only being available to the higher ranks.

There is
No PvP
No Grief
No Harassment of any kind.
No cheats
No hacks
No stealing
No profanity

There is also no whitelist, so you can build as soon as you leave the hub spawn.

We have a number of mini games, when we can keep them working, and a skyblock server. We plan to add a prison server in the near future.

This is a server for people who want to play the core game of survival minecraft, with a few extra mods, and cooperatively with other players.

This is not a competitive server, there are no raids, factions, wars, pvp etc. Your here to build and interact in a laid back, friendly, and often quiet community.

If this is what your looking for we would love to have you.


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  • 1.10.2 Version
  • 31.7% Uptime
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