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~ StoryCraft | A Server with a Story ~

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~ About the Server
StoryCraft is a vanilla 1.8 server, which will run on the newest version of minecraft all the time. We pride ourselves of being a small server with a strong and dedicated community, whose actions speak louder than words. We used to be a bukkit server, but decided to try our hand at a vanilla server, with a whitelist process that can catch all those players who wants to ruin the experience for the rest of us.

The gameplay on StoryCraft is survival and building, but we do so to enhance the Story (you can actually read the Story by following a link below). StoryCraft is NOT a roleplaying server, but we do like to have elements of roleplaying on the server, like quests and guilds, and we do sometimes roleplay as well. Most of the players have some sort of character that is part of our Story.

All relevant information can be found on our website (, however, I will provide all relevant links in the sections below, to make navigating our site easier.

~ Our Rules and Ranks
We have few, yet terribly important rules. They are divided into major and minor rules. Break a major rule, and you will be banned. Break a minor rule, and you will be given a chance. You can find our rules here:

Being vanilla, we dont really have ranks like on a bukkit server. However, we do have certain staff titles that define what purpose each staffmember has. You can find the rank descriptions here, you can also see a list with all our wonderful staffmembers here.

~ The Whitelist Application
On our website, we have a simple form that needs to be filled. The questions are simple and can be answered quite easily, also, staffmembers are also lurking around the website all the time and we try to answer your application with 12 hours, if not a lot faster. You can find the Whitelist Application here.

Also, we will treat you with respect and even if we have to turn you down, we understand that you deserve a proper answer why. We have the whitelist to protect our players (probably you, if you apply) and wants to do this right, not fast and not because we are arrogant and want only the best builders. On StoryCraft, everyone is welcome, whether you like to build, pvp, tell stories, chat or something else entirely.

~ Our New Story
This is our fifth world, and we have been around for nearly 3-4 years (can't remember the exact date), so we have had quite a few stories along the way. In our Story, it is important to remember... you are the hero! Therefore, you are part of the Story as well. You can read the prologue here.

We also have a story forum, where members can write and post their own stories along the way, but they must follow a small set of guidelines, to keep everything coherent, find it here.

You can post your own stories here.

~ StoryCraft Contests
One last thing I'd like to tell you all about, are the Contests that we like to have on our little server. We have always been having building contests, sometimes pure survival contests and at other times, contests with story or even pvp and griefing allowed. With our contests, we like to creative, and the latest contest is actually a Story Contests for the New World.

You can find our contest forum here, with all the old descriptions: and the trophy room here (alongside our beautiful Gallery):

Lastly, information about our new Story Contest can be found here.

* * *

So, I hope to see you on StoryCraft soon... dont be afraid of the Whitelist process, remember that it is here to protect you. Once you are accepted, you are part of our little community and will be able to access the server.

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