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We are more than just a Minecraft server, we are a community. Welcome to the OmniKraft SMP Vanilla server! Enjoy the survival of Minecraft with the protection of plugins. You can join a group of friends and build up a town, or go it solo and live as a hermit. With the game rule, keep inventory, you won't have to worry about losing your hard earned diamonds by the ruthless mobs.

With OmniKraft, you'll be joining a great community, that is moderated by friendly staff and community advisors who will get to know you, and play Minecraft with you. The owners, Kryptix_25 & MrPeppah, don't tolerate abusive, trolling or lazy staff. We ensure that every player's experience is enjoyable and safe. Another benefit of joining our community is that our members play an active role in what is implemented. With a suggestions forum and polls, we listen to our players to offer the best experience we can.

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Server Rules:

- DON'T spam the server chat or players.
- NO swearing, derogatory or implied language.
- NO Third-Party, hack or modded clients allowed (OptiFine, Maps okay).
- DON'T ask staff for OP, items, abilities, etc.
- DON'T raid, grief, cheat, scam or take advantage of others.
- NO excessive redstone or un-managed afk farms.


We offer TeamSpeak! Join us at:

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