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The best modded Minecraft experience available, on a custom modpack with over 140 mods for 1.7.10!

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• Comprehensive modpack complete with all of 1.7.10's best mods
• Modpack boasts over 140 different mods, including Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, IndustrialCraft 2, Applied Energistics 2 and much, much more!
• Open the quick-menu - a fancy radial GUI menu just by hitting "R"!
• Expanded the omni-menu to have many more features!
• In-game integrated server store!
• Disguise yourself and others as mobs, animals and other entities!
• Buy, keep and call personal mounts!
• Trade stocks with S-Dollars with prices from real-world stocks!
• Toggle your PvP status on or off!
• Place PvP bounties on others! (NOTE: Must have PvP toggled on)
• Win it big at the server wide lottery!
• Dedicated official server with top-notch hardware and plenty of features
• Towns and nations system - build up your towns and create an empire with friends!
• Comprehensive in-game economy with markets, stocks, lotteries and more!
• Massive physical marketplace to setup your own shop and become rich!
• Buy & sell items quickly with other players from anywhere via our global market system!
• Don't worry about commands with our graphical omni-menu interface - /menu
• Get help from a professional staff team with our in-game and web ticket systems!


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