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In order to play on this server, you must have the correct mods. These can be found on our Forums. (AvaVarldar.enjin.com)

Ava Varldar is, currently, a privately (but not home computer) hosted Mo' Creatures server. (We do plan on adding more mods, in the future.) Ava Zwaar Modi is a secondary server set up so that players with more mod interests can play with those mods, while players with less mod interests/lower-end computers can still play on the main server. We have a wonderfully diverse community, fun-loving staff, and easy-to-follow rules.

We have been up and running since [about] April 2012 - Originally, I (Kytten) ran the server off of my computer at home, but when my fiance realized how irritating that was becoming, he offered to let me put it on one of his dedicated servers, which nearly trippled our power, and blasted the old server out of the water.

Our players have varied in age from 8 to 46, and we welcome anyone outside of those ages, as well. (Anyone under twelve, though, will need parental permission, as the server is well above PG-13, most of the time, and we cannot monitor all situations.)

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Ava Varldar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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