World Architecture with Everyone Server


It is a server that you are operated by Japan.
This description has been written in the translation. Please understand.

Minecraft 1.7.9-1.7.10 multi-server

Official WebSite:
Official Wiki:

This server is survival.
So, must be was yourself all.

This server, there are various world.
1.Normal World
Everyone will be living here.

2.Resources World
You can acquire resources in the world here.

3.Pvp World
You can Player vs Player.

4.Creative World
Recommended when survival is tired.

5.Sky Block World
You can enjoy Sky block a real.

6.Mini Game World
You can play a mini-game.

7.Tutorial World
It is a place to spawn for the first time.
You will learn the rules here.

Official site you will need to be translated for the Japanese.
Please understand.

1.You don't break the building
2.It is not said that verbal abuse,Defend the manners of the minimum.
3.Play with basic vanilla
4.Impossible to move in the normal vanilla and cheating / MOD
5.Don't steal
6.Don't take any action that affect the server

*Contact information
World Architecture with Everyone Production Committee
E-mail:[email protected]

/cunlock seykun

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