MaddixCraft is a new server which has just opened its “Gates” to the public late April 2014. It originally started as an offline server for two friends, Twix and Maddog. After having plenty of fun messing around with plugins, etc…it slowly began to get bigger. Which lead to Twix purchasing a 1gb server from SpartanHosting and building a server up over 3 months. (since January 31st 2014)

After the final week of the 1gb server’s time came…Twix had decided to go all out and purchase a 2gb server for 3 months. Mostly as a trial to see how it goes, he opened the server to the public, sending the IP to his close friends on Skype. It was a huge success with few new players. With donations still in the works (getting it setup) and a server along the way…maddixcraft is slowly increasing in size. We’re also looking for moderators, so join the server and email us to apply for staff! [email protected]

The server mostly consists of three main worlds (disregarding the spawn world); Creative, Survival and Safe Survival (No PVP survival). Minigames are on the way, and that’s promised. But along with everything, it takes time with just a few people doing all the behind-the-scenes work.

Come, join MaddixCraft and get in on the fun! Let’s get a community started!

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  • Offline! Players
  • 1.8.6 Version
  • 25.1% Uptime
  • 4 weeks Last Ping
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