Somnus Realms

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Somnus Realms is a fun server designed for Minecraft at its purest. The main world is survival with towns, skills and magic!

Magic Spells

The unique magic allows you to do things that no other server lets you do - use nature magic to change the weather and time, or become a vampire, resistant to fall damage and able to turn others into your own kind... There are a range of magic classes that you can pick from as soon as you join in your class selection book!

Server Shop

The server also features a unique shop book, which you can use to purchase and sell items to the server or to other players in an easy way. The server's currency is emeralds, and if you prefer mining to selling then we have a resource world that regenerates regularly to make sure it's filled with emeralds!

Unique Map

The current survival map was created with a special seed that contains every single Minecraft biome within 2,000 blocks of spawn! You can go ahead and check out how it looks at


1 - No griefing or raiding, even in wilderness (blocks are logged)
2 - No hacking or use of any modification that provides an unfair advantage
3 - No spamming or advertising in chat
4 - Be nice, excessive bad language or harassment of players won't be tolerated
5 - Fight fairly, don't trick players into teleporting to you in order to kill them, or excessively target a player

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