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I've been running a small ( 16 slot ) Bukkit server since late 2011.
Over the years its developed several really nice maps with wonderful builds on each.

Server is available 24/7 and is open to anyone. There is no whitelist.
I already have enough active admins and I have no plans on promoting anyone else.

Rules are simple:

Don't be a jerk.
I have a zero tolerance policy for griefing, and I ban usernames on the first offense.
If i catch you cheating ( by using some sort of hack ' flying , x-raying ect) you will be banned without warning.

I have tools at my disposal to allow me to roll back griefing damage, and inspect to find out who did the damage.

I have a relatively high ban rate ( 38% ) because I would rather the server have quality people instead of a large quantity.
People that are banned very, very seldom get unbanned.
Usually once you are banned from playing here, you never will play here again.

People with no common sense, or respect for others do not last long.

.PvP is optional and can be toggled on or off.

Simple economy where you sell items from your hand. /sell hand
be sold from players:
Nether quartz.

You can pay people by using /pay
The server has a magic system ( spellcraft )

You can have two homes.
You can /sethome & /sethome2 at no cost anywhere you like
You can travel there again by typing /home & /home2

There are no personal TPa's

I run five different maps.
They rotate every two days.

Map 1: Ainamor

This is a custom map of Romania, generated using World Painter using height map data pulled from google earth. The custom map is square 6,144 by 6,144
( 9 regions 2048 x 2048 )
Beyond these borders is regular generated map containing new biomes.
Nearby spawn is a "Nexus" able to teleport you to the center of each region.

This map has a complete quest line you can follow.
Ainamor is the newest of the maps, and was created to combine all of the bosses from the previous maps into one map with a difficult quest line and story.

Map 2: Ruins

This map contains the Aikon ruins, the Light and Hoof castle and lots of bosses.
It has an enduro raceway, a journey challenge, mind boggling maze, zombie survival.
A hidden city, and a frozen wasteland world.

Map 3: Original map
This was the first map the server ran, and by far the largest.
Too many things to do here and not enough space for this post to list them all.

Map 4: Expert Survival
This map is designed for veteran Minecraft players.
It is a very, very difficult challenge that was created for players that are bored with minecraft and think of the game as being .
There is a danger of cave-ins
Building is much more difficult
Many blocks behave like sand and gravel ( gravity )
It is quite a challenge, guaranteed to frustrate you.

Map 5: Regular Map -Legacy-

This was the third map that was created.
This map was constructed to hold the final End game bosses.
There are some very high level dungeons here that require the powerful gear you get from the lesser bosses.

Player's inventory, ender chest contents, and eco balance transfers over each map switch, so you can move items between maps

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