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Have's Cove is running the latest Recommended version of Magic World 2! Be sure to download the correct pack from the Feed The Beast Launcher.

Minecraft, right? Wrong. We're not Minecraft. We're Magic World 2. mw.havenscove.net ~

Haven's Cove is a Player versus Environment survival server aimed at players of all ages. We go to great lengths to ensure that all players have a fun and peaceful playing experience.

There is 0 tolerance for briefing, theft and abuse in safe worlds! We play by the rule "If it's not yours, don't touch it!" Any issues are taken care of to the best of the Administrators and Moderators abilities. Plugins such as Mob arena, LWC, World Guard and many more help ensure that players are able to have fun and play fairly.

To find more information and specifications visit the Havens Cove forum. www.HavensCove.net

Additional Notes That pretty much covers what Haven's Cove has to offer. if it interests you, feel free to drop by and apply.

As a disclaimer, Minecraft launchers will NOT work on our servers. MW2 is a Modpack that must be installed to access our server.

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