The Kingdom of Latis


Update- Oct.24th, 2014- In celebration of all things spooky for Halloween, we have added Skelly and Zombie horses as MyPets! Come grab an undead minion to fight for you or carry all the extras you need as travel throughout the world!

The Kingdom of Latis is a multi world medieval themed survival server designed for creativity, adventure, and most importantly, fun! The Kingdom of Latis is a non griefing community with tons of amazing sights, hidden temples, ancient villages, and more. Living the peasant life aint so great for most folks. Upon entering The Kingdom of Latis players will find themselves at peasant rank; although, after a quick citizen request is filled out they will become citizens! Once a player becomes a citizen they can now live their life as a middle class citizen of Latis, start up their own business with the chest shops plugin, decide to look into sorcery and make themselves a magic wand with the magical spells plugin, or maybe become a traveler by doing quests for NPC citizens. Overall merchant, mage, alchemist, traveler, or lumberjack, or possibly all of those; whichever path you choose to take in The Kingdom of Latis, you will be guaranteed enjoyment. To add to this RPG-like world we threw in the mcMMO plugin which allows players to increase in multiple skills such as wood cutting, mining, acrobatics, fishing, swordsmanship, and more. As a players skills increase they will earn different abilities to make the Minecraft experience even better.

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