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Welcome to Hyperion FTB Servers!

Here at Hyperion we have a unique server. With over 20 staff members controlling the server, linux admins and java devs and more helping to build a great server for all to play on! We are always up for a chat and we look forward to getting to know all the Hyperion players!

Recently the ownership of this server has changed hands and the world has been reset (as of 12/01/2014 AEDT). We now have better lag control and fixed a lot of issues!

We use Towny, LWC and more plugins within this server!

With worlds specifically designed for you to use your turtles in and quarries in, this server definitely has highlights to fit your every need.

We have also enabled mass fabricators (donation store item), for a more enjoyable experience!

So swing by, test out Hyperion and let us know what you think!

Banned Items: (These are subject to change)

Ghost Blocks

Gravity and Portal Gun

Blaze, Buster, Sand, and Storm magazines for Hunter's Handgun

Xycraft Fabricator, Advanced Crafting Table, and Unifier

Mystcraft (You are allowed to have a linking book for the mining world)

Quarries are not allowed in the overworld. We have a mystcraft age for mining plus twilight and nether (netherores)!

Explosives are banned. TnT and iTnT are allowed for Implosion Compressor

Server Specs:

Ultimate - Server Specs: - Processor: E3-1245 (3.4GHz Quad Core) - Memory: 16GB RAM - Hard Drive: 240GB SSD - 1 GPS Uplink Speed

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  • 1.4.7 Version
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