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You might be getting just a little bored of the same drugs servers as some of are, but if you're like me, you may still think is one of the most entertaining ways to play minecraft.

Homegrown is a unique drug server with the intent to bring new and fun features to the game. Grow and sell a variety of drugs including over 30 real life strains of high-grade herb to get paid, rankup, and get extras. You will actually get paid more if you work harder... like getting paid more for manually farming a drug, versus auto-farming it.

We also try to make the pvp experience a little better for both experts and newbies. From the hostile pvp drug shop that pays you more money but you better be prepared for battle :D... to the practice pvp arena where if inside you die... nothing is lost. You also get paid for pvp... get more money and benifits for pvp kills as you rank up.. like jackpot chances, rare drops, kill streak rewards, and more.

Some other features... custom terrain, better mobs, rare mob drops , cops, auctions, plots, inventory compaction, teleport with horses, rare pets, clans, roll and smoke a wide variety of joints, combind high-grade seed genetics for better strains, some good custom plugins, and more. We set out to create something different and fun... you should really just come and see for yourself...

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