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PokéHeaven is a highly reputable Pixelmon server, currently ranking in the top 200 out of ALL Minecraft servers on Minestatus. There are many unique features related to the generation one Kanto region, such as Celadon's Game corner where you can play slots to win money and prizes such as Master Ball and rare candy, an optimized and efficient Pokemon League, friendly and helpful staff.


Website: http://pokeheavenmc.enjin.com/home

Our server is simply Pixelmon. We do not require 20+ different mods to log in. Anything not handled by Forge or Pixelmon itself is executed with Bukkit plugins via MCPC. The map consists of the Kanto adventure region as well as survival islands on the outskirts for the purpose of building and mining!



Our Gyms are all level 60 cap to prevent "Where is the first Gym" mentality where over 9000 players are all in line waiting for Pewter City Gym leader to battle them while all the other gym leaders stand idly by.

On our server you can battle gyms in any order, but you also must be serious enough to have your team at least level 60 before bothering the gym leaders. This is to prevent long lines and crowding at gyms and to make sure only the strongest players make their way through the Pokemon League.

All Gyms are based on generation one's Kanto map. Pewter City, Cerulean City, etc.

Each Gym Leader may choose their own Apprentice Gym Leader to assist them with taking challengers and to take over for them should they leave for a long time.

Elite Four

Collect all 8 badges and challenge the Elite 4 at the Indigo Plateau!

Elite Four have no level cap (except for the level 100 hard cap of course). So far NO one has been able to beat all four of them! Can you be the one to defeat them and become the first Pokemon League Champion?


* Where do I build?
- Type /warp survival and find a spot in our Survival Islands! Use signs to lock and protect chests and once you have a diamond block you can claim a large chunk of land to build a house! (We use the PreciousStones plugin for land claiming)

* How do I make money?
- Defeat pokemon that drop items and sell them to any PokeMart in any city! You may also vote to receive $500 per vote and one rare candy!

* How do I install Pixelmon?
- It is very easy now! Just follow the instructions in this video!

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