The Empire Strikes Block


The new spawn area.

Join the server and spawn in Mos Eisley. Earn money from the Trade Federation by setting up space excavation companies and selling for profit under the watch of the Death Star. Learn the ways of the force and gain special abilities along your road towards becoming a Jedi Master on Coruscant. Be careful though as the battle with the empire continues on Hoth and Endor and you could be drawn to the dark side and join the Sith.

Come over to the dark side!
Take part in the quests and become either a Jedi Padawan or Sith Apprentice. There is also a bonus rank of Viceroy with added privileges awarded for a week to the player who earnt the most money in the week before.

Explore Space
Nothing so boring as Skyblock on The Empire Strikes Block server. Become master of the galaxy (not Master of the Universe, that's a whole other story!) and set up mining colonies on the ore rich planets of space. Sell the ores mined for vast sums in the neighbouring planets and build clone armies with the proceeds to conquer the PvP enabled worlds.

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  • 1.10.2 Version
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