My Fun Craft is a server that has been in existence for a little over one year that is continuing to grow. Many newcomers refer to the staff and server as one of the friendliest they have found, where they can mine, build, explore, and go on adventures. Set with a medieval theme, one can work through the ranks to become a mod simply by playing on the server. One of the best perks our server has to offer is the ranking system, which grants a player with awesome tools, armor, food, building materials, seeds, ore, xp and with higher ranks; diamond materials. Another perk is that our server is filled with awesome builders to bring activities to players such as hungergames arenas, pvp arenas, spleef arenas, mazes, defense towers filled with mobs that one must fight to succeed horse racing, fantastic parkour courses that leave players raving for more. If you are tired of servers not treating players in a fair or kind way, or having to pay for positions such as mod or admin, then look no further because we don't allow such methods. Everyone ranks up through play time on the server.

Donations are surely welcome and grant people with special commands and abilites such as, color nickname, hat, feed, heal, repair, fly and bonus player time, but all of this can be achieved while on the server just by playing and working your way up the ranks. The monies collected go directly into building a better server, upgrading items, and offering a well-diverse website and game. In addition, there are three distinct servers for players to enjoy:
Survival that is set at a normal difficulty level and requires players to gather resources in a mob ridden world, trying to survive and create buildings and towns. Survival server also has a Skyblock world where you or a team of up to 8 players start on a tiny island and have to build and collect resources in order to complete challenges and upgrade their island. Survival also has three Creative worlds where players can claim plots in a flatland at no cost. Players are in Creative gamemode in these worlds so you are free to build whatever your imagination can take you, within reason, inappropriate building is strictly prohibited. Building Contests we try to host one once a month in the Creative worlds to offer exciting building themes and winners recieve in game rewards such as Bonus server time added to their rank and in game cash to spend at the shops.

Since so much of this server is built on trust and friendship, we value protecting the work and fairness of players. Therefore, no mods are allowed except minimap and optifine. X-raying (looking through blocks to find rare ores) and other tools are not allowed. Neither is griefing (or destroying other people's property). There are separate PVP arenas, where players may fight against one another through consent if fighting is a wish to be held; otherwise there is no killing or stealing of players items. To this end, TNT is turned off and won't destroy protected claims, and creepers will NOT destroy property or blocks. If this sounds like a server that you would like to be a part of; then join us and make awesome friends where you can enjoy playing and building without the fear of being attacked or griefed.

Minigames server has many games for our players to enjoy. Hunger games is a very popular game in minecraft and we have several hungergames arenas for our players to fight in. The minigames server also has it's own rank system much like the server server and players get special kits that they may use in the hungergames arenas. The higher rank you hold the better kit you get but to be somewhat fair the better kits have a higher delay time.
As survival is a no-pvp server if you feel the need to fight other players you can do so here in not only the hungergames arenas but we also have pvp arenas where you are given kits or you get items by searching the maps. We have various pvp arenas such as free for all, where you have no teams or you make your own teams. There is team pvp where two teams can go head to head against each other and the team with the most kills wins. Another pvp arena we have is CTF, that stands for capture the flag, it is where two teams go face to face gathering resources such as food, wood, iron, and diamond, to fight each other. But the ultimate goal is the breach the opposing teams castle an

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