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Minescape is a custom built Runescape based MMORPG Minecraft server. Everything is custom coded too! A full list of your epic adventure is below:

Custom landscape - explore a 3000x2000 open world, with vast cities and harsh terrain for an epic adventure! Including hand built hills for that extra special feel + unique interiors - all designed to bring the world to life!

Custom quests - coded for convenience of play - you and your friends can all play alongside each other and complete quests to gain money and/or items. Even the players can make and submit their own quests, for an everlasting loop of adventure! Taken from Runescape itself or from their very own imagination, you get to experience other peoples ideas.

Custom mobs - Dozens of monsters roam the lands with random drops! Battle a variety of creatures, from men and women to spiders and dragons! Certain zones have certain levels, constantly spawning when needed to make the player feel a sense of danger all around. Get caught out and you're doomed - come equip and ready for action in the wild!

Economy - Whether you make and earn money with your fighting ability or your merchant skills, there are thousands of ways to gain wealth in the world of Minescape. Level up your mining/smithing/woodcutting etc and become the best; and you know what happens when you're the best?! You get rich! Own the world you roam!

Constantly updated world - Everyone is working round the clock to keep up the build and maintain the quality. Every week a new part of the map is complete or updated for more fun and more epic looking locations - keep playing to find out!

The current in-game map created by Podcrash and is constantly updated with extra areas and better landscape.

- Lumbridge
- Draynor
- PortSarim
- Varrock
- Falador
- Rimmington
- AlKharid
- Barbarian Village
- Edgeville

- Karamja
- Crandor
- Tutorial

- DuelArena(PVP)

- Taverley
- Catherby
- Entrana
- Seers Village

- Daemonheim

Additional Notes
Runescape in Minecraft with custom mods by Skip

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