MineCrap has been online since 2012 with a 98% uptime.

Server: co.MineCrap.co
Website: http://MineCrap.co

This server does not BAN! - We only Jail, Mute, or Kick. Not permanently. :)
The Owner of this server is very nice, has a very small staff, and believes in freedom.
MineCrap was created in 2012 because the Owner could never find a server that would never ban, never delete hard work by resetting worlds, so he decided to create his own.

In short:
42,600+ members! 17 Worlds, Airplanes, Guns, Protected Claims, Anti-Hack System, Mob Arena, Gun War Zones, Bosses, Cash System (Economy), Shops, Rank System, Free Survival & Creative worlds.. Updates every week and so much more!

In Full:
This server has real custom Guns which is unique, see a zombie? Shoot him in the head!
This server also has a Call of Duty; Zombies world called "Doom" unlike any other server.
We also have real Airplanes you can fly around in. - Some you can shoot from!
Doom - A world where you have unlimited weapons and ammo, killing millions of monsters coming after you and your squad; fight your way from the zombie-infested underwater base to survive!
Mob Arena - Jump in and fight with your team mates against waves of monsters.

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