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Over 1,000,000 players joined, 100GBs+ DDoS Protection, Optimized to ensure little to no latency, 24/7 online 99% uptime since February 2013, Hosted across 15 dedicated servers with the fastest hardware available, and 20+ unique gamemodes & minigames!

KitPvP -
Show your inner warrior as you battle others on a map with many intricate courses, designs, and obstacles that may come your way. Don't be cocky though; during your time, you will come across individuals who strive to be the PvP king. Will you be the next one?

Prison -
Make money, gain trust, and earn respect as you work your way up through the many grueling blocks of the prison. You do this only hoping you will eventually work your way out and beyond life in the prison to become someone or something in the free world.

Survival -
Non arguably the most original gamemode ever to be brought the multiplayer realm. Gather resources, form clans to help you survive, exert your power though builds, and battle the undead creatures of the night. Will you reign the survival world?

Factions -
Create or join a faction as you battle to be the top dog. Build outstanding bases and safe havens once thought impossible to make! Battle to protect the things you own, and friends you have by defending or waging war on other factions. You never want to get too comfortable though, there may be invaders outside your base ready to ruin your progress and take you back down to the bottom.

Creative -
Build things you once thought were impossible or ridiculous. Let your creative side take over as you build on your dedicated plot set in place for you to unleash your skill. Show of to others and have fun making your builds into something amazing for you, or the rest of the community to enjoy.

Infection -
Run! Hide! The zombie apocalypse will take you into a journey of no return. Will you survive the surge of zombies that try their hardest to exterminate the human population? Survive at all costs and earn rankings as you progress in your zombie survival skills.

Skyblock -
Undeniably beautiful. Indulge yourself on the journey of the Sky People. Work to make your basic floating island into a metropolis in the sky. Use the economy to your advantage and gain wealth by creating custom shops. Compete with others in cash and money to fight to claim the glory of being called the Sky Lord. Will you be able to grab this opportunity?

Hellblock -
The most original gamemode ever brought to Mineverse, Hellblock. Survive in the nether on your Skyblock like island. It is like Skyblock, but the total opposite. Play this if you dare. It is challenging, grueling, and something that will make you want to give up. Will this nether version of Skyblock get to you, or will you conquer it?

Skygrid -
Survive in an endless grid-like world as you jump from block to block to gather finite resources for your survival. Build a base, and grow from something small, to something bigger in the Skygrid world.

Battle others in a way never thought of. Use custom plugins to shoot guns, drive cars, create gangs, use other things that were once rendered silly, and much more. Prove your mightiness as you conquer GTA with your gang and work to become a skilled weapon handler on the server.

OP PvP -
Similar to KitPvP but over powered! Use kits and weapons unheard of in vanilla Minecraft. Shoot, swing, and shed blood to work your way up on the OP era of this gamemode. You may also want to use new strategies to defeat your enemies who may have armor and weapons that are hard to defeat.

Parkour -
Hop from block to block in the parkour world. Upon completing each course, you will be credited with a new prefix to show you have completed that rank. Will you be one of the few to make it through all of the challenging 24 parkour courses?

OP Factions -
Factions but modified to be overpowered and difficult compared to real factions. Build bases and be open to things once thought rare on regular factions. This is the true hardcore factions. Beware of the bloodmoon as well. I wouldn't want to be out at night!

Skywars -
Skywars takes the peaceful aspect from the sky gamemodes and crushes it. You will be forced to battle others on small, custom skyblock islands with limited resources you will need to win the game. You are also able to use your cash to buy things that may help you succeed. Will you be one to rule the sky and someone who will gain respect from many?

Archer PvP -
Another PvP gamemode but with a unique twist to it. You will be solely reliant on bows to survive and battle others. There are many different arrows that you may buy that will help you claim the Archer King vibe.

OP Prison -
Prison, but then again OP. You will be set into mines labeled A-Z as you work your way up to the final rank. Use OP picks and mine in areas with a collection of resources which you can sell for the money you need to progress.

Minigames -
Want to have a bit of quick fun? Join the Minigames servers! There are plenty to choose from. These include The Climber, Bake The Cake, Hunger Games, Bedwars, Blocks vs Zombies, Castle Surge, Archer Games, and Pig Thief. The verity is large. Jump from mode to mode experiencing the thrills of each game type.

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