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When it comes to Minecraft server features, we’re nothing short of comprehensive. In minutes, you can be on your way to building an expansive home for others to see. Viking Craft serves as a ground for pvp and faction gameplay , only adding plugins that benefit its users to the fullest extent.The plugins we run include the following:

1.NocheatPlus: Stops cheating.

2. Factions: Raiding/Griefing and a lot of competition.

3. Custom plugins such as an antihack, antilootkill (You get 20 seconds to pick up stuff after killing a guy, no one else can pick it up but you!)

Naturally, we like to reward you for your donations, so we’re willing to give you even greater benefits if you become one of our sponsors. For example, you’ll learn what it’s like to be among the richest players on the server. Ultimately, we’re pretty laid back and like to get to know our players. We’re also sticklers for rules, but ours basically just boil down to respect and common sense. Come join our server today and take part in the festivities. Just don’t light the trees on fire; Smokey the Bear will kill you—seriously

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  • 1.8.7 Version
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