Minecraft Server


Hello! Welcome to the PenzCraft server!
We are a very small community of people who enjoy playing minecraft and like to aspect of vanilla SMP.

We are looking for mature players to help build this small community.

-No griefing or x-ray mods(there are protection and residence plugins to protect your stuff)
-Only PVP in the pvp area( PVP area is anywhere north from Spawn((You cant kill in the south, if you do, please return their items) You also cannot kill in your house in the south.
-Add jpen somewhere in your app to show that you read the rules
-Be respectful. We have /ignore if someone is being rude. This is not a ban-able offense! Were all mature enough to take the highroad.
-Do not harrass people!
-Please try not to build so close to spawn, the world is very big, and you dont need to be right up against it.
-Must be atleast 16+ No exceptions!!
-You must submit and application to build!

Why I should add you to the server

Guest(yellow): Cant do anything until approved
Member(Blue): After approved, can do most things with limitation
Supporter(Red): Once donated, receive perks
Mods(Blue): Help admin with things
Op(Green): JRPenza620
Admin(Purple): AdminJRP620

Anyone can come on the server, but you can not break blocks until added to the whitelist!

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  • 1.10.2 Version
  • 29.6% Uptime
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