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Welcome to the AEM Network, we have types of gameplay that everyone can enjoy! Come join us today at!
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1. SkyBlock- Start off on a small island with limited resources and work your way to have a massive sky castle!! We have a hardcore economy on our skyblock server so only the toughest will survive. We do have an admin shop that offers all the hard to get or unobtainable items in skyblock but beware this is a hardcore economy. Complete over 35 challenges to receive items every time you complete a challenge. Challenges range from easy to super hard. Join with friends and join their islands with our multiplayer island party feature. All islands are protected from grief so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor griefing your stuff. You can vote every day for $200 and 4 dirt blocks with the chance of getting lucky and receiving sand and extra money.

2. COD: NAZI ZOMBIEZ- This server is essentially just like the Zombies in Call of Duty just in Minecraft. Survive rounds of waves of zombies with each wave the zombies get a little stronger. Killing zombies gives you money and every so often you get perks activated like Insta kill, god mode, and Fire perk. Use your money to purchase weapon upgrades and find random mystery boxes and test your luck to see if you get something good or not so good. When one of your team mates is overtaken by the zombie horde a sign will appear in their place of death you have 30 seconds to break the sign to revive them. Pick up random zombie drops to use to help defeat the zombie or sell the items in the shop to make quick cash. With 10 maps to choose from you will never get bored of slaying zombies. You can vote every day for $2000 with the chance of getting lucky and receiving a couple diamonds and money.

3. MCMMO Factions PVP- Hardcore pvp server with an economy. Join a faction or make your own faction to dominate over all other factions. With a massive 16,000 by 16,000 world there is plenty of room to explore and find your perfect faction base. We have a custom pvp tagging plugin so you don’t have to worry about those pvp loggers you find on most servers. You can vote every day for $2000, 4 god apples, and 4 tnt. Check out our shop to find great tools for helping you raid and grief but they come at a price. We sell creeper eggs and multiple types of spawners as well as enchants through enchant signs. We do anti hacking/cheating plugins.

4. Survival No Grief No PVP- Join our survival server if you want to play a server where you get to know everyone on the server in almost a tight nit family. This server is no grief and no pvp so you can focus on building amazing creations!! This server is filled with custom plugins from the questionnaire plugin when you first join in to the player tracking and promotion system. You will join the server as a default player then when you have played 12 hours you will be promoted into a builder and will then have access to use flint and steel and a couple other things that defaults cannot use. Buy your lottery tickets on the server every day and hope you get lucky and strike it rich!! Start your own shop to make some extra cash. You can vote for the server every day for $400 with the chance of getting lucky and receiving extra money and diamonds!!

5. Hunger games- With 10 maps and always making new and improving maps you can get your survival skills perfected on this server. Join the server, pick the map you want to play the game starts then run to find as many hidden chest as you can to get some goodies out of and be the last person alive to win! We also have the famous Rage Quit Tower on this server. This is a parkor tower consisting of 5 levels with each level increasing in difficulty. As an added element to the game we have hidden buy signs around the maps to help you out if you have the cash. Vote every day for $400 with the chance of getting lucky and receiving extra money and diamonds!!

6. Capture the Flag- This server is modeled after the Call of Duty maps and type of game play. Start out with chest of supplies that will provide you with some armor and weapons and building blocks to help build up your base to slow down the other team from reaching your team. Make it to the other side of the map to grab the other team’s flag then run back to your base without being killed to capture their flag!!

7. Creative- This server u

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