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Welcome to CubeCraft Survival!

[24/7] [Mature Staff] [No Grief] [Ranks]
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Who are we?
We’re a small gaming community who loves basic Minecraft. Unlike many other Minecraft servers that are networks with many different gamemodes, we are a simply, small, survival server with a friendly and welcoming community.

What is the goal?
The goal I made when I created this server was to provide a survival server with cool plugins to people of all ages to be able to play in a calm enviornment. I hated going on huge servers where people were constantly chaotic in chat and the staff weren't great. I made this server to provide a small server for people where there is friendly staff, and an extremely friendly community.

What makes our server unique?
Our server is unique from the other thousands of survival servers it that we have an active community that is also welcoming and caring. In game, we have fully customized worlds; one for building and one for gathering materials. As well as those, we have many plugins other servers don't, some custom made by me :)

What features does the server have?
Our server has:
- Two customized worlds rich in ores and resources
- Ability for players to make their own shops
- No lag
- Active community
- Mature staff members

We have free ranks on CubeCraft. They're free in the sense of real life money. You earn these ranks by making an application on our forum and getting the specified amount of in game money for the ranks. This money can easily be obtained by selling items and selling gold to spawn. These ranks are BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and VETERAN.

Server Rules?
No Griefing: One of the goals is to have a server where you can build without the worry of being griefed. Griefing and raiding will result in a ban.
No Advertising: The admins work hard to get players on the server and to further expand our community. Having people still players unfairly is rude and will result in a permanent ban.
PMC “Employees”: You’re not from PMC and you’re a waste of our time. Any “PMC Employees” can meet the Ban Hammer.

Keep it “PG”: This server is for anyone at any age, including children. Keep chat appropriate. Keep swearing to the minimum. Be respectful because we don’t need immature behavior to ruin other player’s good times. No racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination; all will result in a ban.

What plugins does CubeCraft use?
Most of our plugins are pretty basic and don’t modify the game that much. We have Essentials Eco for the economy, AntiXRay to stop xray to make the server fair for everyone, GriefPrevention to claim land, ChestShop to make your own shop for players to by items from, LogBlock to rollback griefs, and PermissionsEx for the administrators to create ranks with. We also have an HSN / QVC like plugin calld GlobalMarket as well as some custom made plugins.

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