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Fortress Wars

Fortress Wars
Server Status
MC Version: 1.8.8
Game Modes: / / / / /
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Fortress Wars (

Game Modes: / / / / /

A survival server with 8 years of experience! Fortress Wars is for all ages.

What can you do?

Quests - Over 190 quests!Auctions - Buy and sell items.Voting Rewards - You get special vote crate keys that can be used to open crates for random rewards!
Random Teleporter - Jump into the portal to be randomly teleported into the survival world.
Grief Prevention - Protect your land with our custom made and easy to use plugin.
Player Ranks - Work to rank up and get more and better permissions. No need to work, there is plenty ways to make money in game.
Jobs - An awesome way to earn in game money while you play. If you're good at mining pick a miners job and get paid for mining, the list go's on and on.
Pets - Your pet can help you fight and even carry items!Bounties - Set bounties on other players! Claim bounties by killing the target player.

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