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MiniGameRealms Parkour

Minecraft Server


MiniGameRealms is a large parkour server that contains over 30 fun and exciting courses. All of these courses are split up into different difficulties, Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane.

When you first join the server you are placed at the parkour spawn point where you can simply run towards to portals ahead of you, or use the conveniently placed speed pads. You can then set a checkpoint at the course you are at by right clicking the sign by the course. On completion of a course you will receive points. Points are a currency system I designed and can be used to either rankup or purchase hats. The rankup system on the server is similar to the rankup system that the popular minecraft gamemode, Prison uses. When you rankup to the next rank on the list, you get given a new prefix. For example, if you rankup to II, you get the II prefix.

Donations for the server can be made at minigamerealms.buycraft.net These donations go towards helping to keep the server up and running. Donators get access to the donator shop, pets, disguises, different courses, particle effects, blocktrails, awesome commands and much more.

So if you feel like this is your kind of server, then go ahead and join now. The ip for the server isparkour.minigamerealms.com

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