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Welcome to our newest skyblock server. Here we provide the best and no lagg server for people to have better experience in skyblock this is our first and legit build server. we are currently in beta so you guys can can still make islands but the spawn shop and others are not yet done. Please come on and support our server to grow and have more people.

1.No cheating
2. No hacking
3. No advertising
4. Be respectful to the people around you
5. Always help people in need
6.Have fun
------------How to play------------
Here on our server we have many different things there are a lot of fun and hard challenges can you beat them all??
So here how you play
/is - is to create a island
/is invite - is to invite people to play with you
/is makeleader - it makes the other person you pick to be the new leader
/is kick - kicks a annoying players or people you don't want
News: We have updated and completed our skyblock server. We are on a new ip so its better lol. The server is secure and ready-to-play we are waiting for you and our team will galdly welcome you in. Also if you vote you will get 10 diamonds 100$ and player point so thats new. :3
-Your owner, Alfairy
Contact us any time:
InstaGram: Alfairy_YT
YouTube: Alfairy

Peace out!

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