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Minecraft Server


McAllies is an economy-driven faction/raid server which features unique plugins and dedicated staff members.

Through 2015-2016, we’ve noticed that no server offers anything different from one another; especially factions. All are practically carbon copies with different spawns. McAllies promises to take the classic Minecraft PVP format and take it to a whole new level. Players will find that connections are established with one another as they build their factions from the ground up, conquering the server and becoming the best. All members are equally as respected as the staff. We feature the best plugins available, as well as some custom plugins created by staff. Time was heavily invested in preparing this server, so little to no bugs should interfere with your playing experience. This server is NOT pay to win, which enables each and every player to have an equal chance in combat (nothing you can donate for can't be gotten in game that will give an advantage in PVP). McAllies is guaranteed to provide memorable experiences to every player that joins. We hope you enjoy.

Server features:

Factions - (Chests, Dispensers and furnaces are not protected in claimed land)

Economy - (/bal to check your balance, /sell to sell items.

ObisidanDestroy - (Destroy obsidian with 5 tnt. Also works with creepereggs)

MobCatcher - (Catch mobs with redstone and chicken eggs.)

Sethome - (Set up to 5 homes as a regular player!)

AllyDisable (InvisiblePots,EnderChests and enderpearls are disabled.)

InstantEat - (Instantly eat mushroom soup, healing 3.5 hearts)

PixelBox - (Change mobspawners with /box)

PixelHeadshots - (Double damage a player by shooting an arrow at their head)

Donor Vaults - (Protected vaults for donators)

Auction - (Auction to and buy items from other players on the server)
And more!

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  • 1.8.8 Version
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