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AerisGaming: Fallout Atlanta


☢Complex RPG Server|☢Fallout Re-creation|☢Pip-Boy3000|☢Single/Multiplayer Quests

Fallout: Atlanta is a project server with the goal to replicate features from the Fallout series into minecraft. The server is fitted with features such as
- Automatic ranking system based off XP ( 30 Levels)
- Pipboy-3000 GUI to control all tasks on server.
- Interactive NPCS/Quests
- Multiplayer/Singplayer Quests and modes such as "hardcore"
- 24 Replica weapons which unlock upon leveling
- Items from Fallout such as: Stimpak | Buffout | Stealth-boy | Rad-X
- Raidation and Rad-X.
- Vault-tec "Saftery" Vaults
- Factions/Stats/Camps
- NPC Followers | Slaves | Bodyguards

We're currently in the process of BETA TESTING.
Feel free to jump on and check out our progress!

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  • 1.6 Version
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