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BlissMC - 1.8 Blocks! | Towny with Fly! | Skyblock | Creative

Minecraft Server


Website: blissmc.com
Server address: play.blissmc.com

Towny – PVP - Survival - Creative - MCMMO- Minigames

-- Game Types--

Towny offers all the fun of a normal survival/pvp world but with a little protection! You join a town and build a house, create your own town for yourself/friends and have all your builds protected. PVP is enabled outside of towns. This world also has an economy system allowing users to make SignShops, get paid for their playtime and MCMMO levels! MCMMO is included in the Towny world to provide some benefits overtime from all the effort you put into the game by mining, digging, combat, or whatever it may be. We also have it set up so you can get a pay check twice a day for your overall power level!

Like to just build without having to take time to find all the resources? Then Creative is perfect for you! We hold build competitions every two weeks and reward the top three. Plots are 80x80 in size so you can make a fairly large build.

Minigames are fun to play with friends when you’re a little bored of building for the moment and need a break. We have a few minigames with many more soon to come. As of now we have TNT Run , Tank (All vs One) PVP Arena, and a Free for All arena. Things to come in the very near future: Mob Arena, Spleef, Paintball, and much more!

24/7 Dedicated Server

Portable Horses
PVP Arenas

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